Discover the Power of Bentofab Waterstop: Your Ultimate Waterproofing Solution

Welcome to the world of advanced waterproofing with Bentofab Waterstop—a revolutionary expansion strip meticulously engineered from a blend of sodium bentonite and rubber. Designed to seal joints and effectively thwart water infiltration, our waterstop sets the gold standard for hydrophilic water sealers, boasting unparalleled water absorption capabilities and exceptional durability.

Unveiling the Technology Behind Bentofab Waterstop

Unlike conventional water sealers, Bentofab Waterstop harnesses the synergistic properties of sodium bentonite and rubber, creating a moisture-activated sealant that expands precisely upon contact with water. This innovative combination not only seals against water but also provides a controlled expansion mechanism, preventing loss of integrity and ensuring steadfast performance even in the face of flowing water.

Applications Across Industries

Bentofab Waterstop finds extensive applications across a diverse range of industries and construction projects, including:

  1. Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Ensure watertight integrity in wastewater treatment plants, preventing leakage and contamination.
  2. Water Storage Tanks: Safeguard water storage tanks against moisture ingress, preserving water quality and structural integrity.
  3. Foundations: Protect building foundations from water infiltration, reducing the risk of structural damage and instability.
  4. Tunnels and Culverts: Seal joints in tunnels and culverts to prevent water ingress, ensuring safety and longevity of infrastructure.
  5. Dams, Canals, and Aqueducts: Secure joints in water infrastructure projects, mitigating the risk of leaks and structural failure.
  6. Pipe Penetrations: Seal penetrations in pipelines to prevent water seepage, maintaining pipeline integrity and preventing corrosion.
  7. Joints with Limited Movements: Seal joints with limited movements, providing flexible yet robust waterproofing solutions.

Benefits of Bentofab Waterstop:

  1. High Pressure Resistance: Withstand high hydrostatic pressure, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.
  2. Self-Healing Properties: Seamlessly repair minor damage or punctures, maintaining the integrity of the waterproofing barrier.
  3. Ease of Transportation and Installation: Lightweight and easy to handle, Bentofab Waterstop simplifies transportation and installation, saving time and labor costs.
  4. Non-Toxic Composition: Manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, our waterstop is non-toxic and safe for use in various applications.
  5. Excellent Compression Seal: Achieve superior compression seal due to high water absorption properties, minimizing the risk of water infiltration.

Invest in Quality, Invest in Bentofab Waterstop

Experience the unmatched performance and reliability of Bentofab Waterstop. Trust Bentofab for innovative waterproofing solutions that deliver lasting results. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to place your order.

Transform Your Construction Projects with Bentofab Waterstop

Elevate the waterproofing performance of your construction projects with Bentofab Waterstop. Explore our comprehensive range of products and solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Unlock the power of waterproofing with Bentofab.

Bentofab Waterstop comes in four forms:

Bentofab Waterstop 2030 Black:

20mm x 30mm Black

Volume expansion ratio: greater than or equal to 150

High temperature flowing(80°c x 5h):No flow

Low temperature test(-20°c x 2h): No embrittlement

Bentofab Waterstop 2030 Red:

20mm x 30mm Red

Hardness: 42±10

Tensile strength MPa: greater than or equal to 3.5

Elongation % greater than or equal to 450

Volume expansion ratio: greater than or equal to 150

Low temperature test(-20°c x 2h): No embrittlement

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