PE Uniaxial geogrid FUG60

60KN/m, black, virgin material
Roll dimension: 1m x 100m

Fabrimetrics Uniaxial geogrid FUG60 is made of a high molecular
Polymer. It is extruded into a thin plate and then punched to form a mesh. Then it is stretched longitudinally to make the polymer orient into a linear state to create a long structure with uniform divisions and high node strength. As a result, the elliptical netlike overall design has high tensile strength. The tensile modulus has an elongation of 2% to 5%, and the tensile strength is more than 150Mpa, which
is suitable for various soil types.

Application: retaining wall, bridge abutment, steep slope project

PP Biaxial Geogrid FBG3030

30KN/30KN, black, virgin material
Roll dimension: 3.95m x 50m

Fabrimetrics Biaxial geogrid FBG3030 is made of high molecular polymer through the process of extrusion, forming and punching, and then stretched longitudinally and transversely. The two-way geotechnical tensile grid has an excellent tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions, which can provide an ideal interlocking system for more effective bearing and diffusion.

Application: Foundation enhancement, slope protection, mine tunnel reinforcement, etc.