Geotextiles are essential components of modern infrastructure, providing support and stability to construction sites, roadways, embankments, and other civil engineering projects. They offer a range of benefits that help enhance the performance and longevity of these structures.

One of the most important functions of geotextiles is separation. When used in conjunction with soil or other materials, they act as a barrier that prevents the mixing of different layers, such as soil and aggregate. This separation helps to maintain the integrity of the layers and reduces the likelihood of settlement or subsidence.

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Geotextile installation

Fabritex Geotextiles also provide excellent filtration capabilities, allowing water to pass through while trapping soil particles and other debris. This is particularly useful in drainage applications, where geotextiles can be used to line trenches and retain stormwater runoff. By filtering out contaminants, geotextiles help protect the environment and ensure that waterways remain clean and healthy.

In addition to separation and filtration, geotextiles can also be used for reinforcement. When laid beneath soil or other materials, they provide added support and stability, helping to prevent erosion and other types of damage. This is especially important in areas with high traffic or heavy loads, such as roadways, bridges, and retaining walls.

Another benefit of Fabritex geotextiles is protection. By acting as a barrier, they can shield underlying layers from damage caused by weather, erosion, and other factors. For example, geotextiles can be used to protect the base of a road from damage caused by frost heave or other types of soil movement.

Finally, Fabritex geotextiles can be used for drainage, either as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other materials. By allowing water to flow through freely, they help to prevent pooling, which can lead to erosion, sinkholes, and other types of damage.

At Fabrimetrics, we offer non-woven geotextiles in a variety of weights and thicknesses. Our 150 gsm and 250 gsm options are particularly popular, thanks to their excellent durability and performance. Whether you’re working on a large-scale civil engineering project or a smaller residential job, our geotextiles are an ideal choice for ensuring long-lasting stability and performance.