Our standard material for truck covers is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material feels as if it is rubber, however it is actually High Density PVC with heavy nylon mesh sandwiched in the middle to provide more strength. Because of the thickness of the material, it can withstand longer exposures to Ultraviolet light (UV), hence it is stronger and lasts longer.

Brands: Maruyama, Mayama, Maruzen, Yamaru

Thickness: S400, S200

Color: All colors available

Free rubber rope made from aircraft tire interior for every order.

Truck cover Price (Truck Tarps)

Comes with 5mm reinforcement rope all around the tarp.

Edges are electronically welded and rope is sandwiched inside.

Eyelets , brass grommets are provided all around the tarp.

Free rubber rope to tie the tarp down.

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