Our Retractable tents are made of light weight square tubes with oxford material as cover. It is designed to be portable and light-weight. Which makes these tents very economical and practical. It also comes in green, red, and blue. These items are readily available on stock. These tents are easy to assemble as can be seen in our video.

These tents are used as event tents. Typically, used for short events such as birthday parties, picnics, booths for indoor expositions, and cemetery picnics during “undas”.

This tent is used for protection from the sun or dew during the night. It is advised that the tent be retracted, folded and packed after every use. With proper care, these can last for a very long time.

Our retractable tent is not designed for prolonged or continuous use. Leaving this tent unattended might result to destruction of the tent.  Rain might accumulate on the roof, causing the roof to become too heavy as to damage the whole structure.

We do not advise to use these tents as car covers or garages. If you need a car cover or garage please use our collapsible tents which are designed to be heavy duty.

The frame and cover comes packaged in a rectangular box as can be seen in the photo at the right. It does not come in a bag. If you wish to have a bag you have to order it

The cover can be made stronger by replacing the oxford material with a PVC tarpaulin. We do this upon request of the client. Usually we supply this as replacement when the oxford material is damaged after long use. Please see the picture galleries at the right of this page.

Moreover, we can also print on the PVC tarpaulin. The customer gives the design, logo, or picture and then we print it on the cover using our wide format printer. Since, our production is all done in-house we can deliver at the fastest possible time. Please see our samples of printed tents on the galleries at the right side

Rectractable Tent Assembbly

Tent Frame and box

Printed Tents for Advertising, Campaign, and Promotions

Retractable frame with PVC cover

We have items on stock. These are the retractable tents with oxford material as cover. Available in red, blue and green colors.