Retractable Tent

Our ready made tents are easy to assemble because it is retractable and light weight. We have several sizes available. Our tent can be used as as gazebo tent, party tent, family tent, picnic tent or any outdoor tent. Ready made retractable tents are available in Blue, Red and Green cover colors. Printed covers are also available. For more information click here to go to the retractable tent page

Collapsible Tent

We also fabricate “made to order” or custom made tents that are collapsible, and can come in any kind, and size. We fabricate these heavy duty tent frames out of galvanized pipes. Customized parts, structure and layout can also be made with this kind of tent. For more information click here to go to the collapsible tent page.

As a fabricator and manufacturer of tents for 23 years, we take pride in the quality of our products. Go direct to the supplier and enjoy low prices to maximize your profit. Call us now!

Printed Tents

We also make make printed tents for campaigns, promotions, and advertisements. You could your promote your products on our tents by sending us your logo, pictures, and design. Then we print it on tarpaulin. The Cover can then be fitted over our retractable tents or on our heavy duty collapsible tents depending on your requirements. Please click here for more on Printed Tents.

Shelter Tents

Shelter tents are tents with sidings usually built with the same or thinner material depending on your requirement. The sidings may come with windows and doors. It may also come with an opening for air conditioning. The windows are made with screen or with a cover that is fastened with velcro to close, and rolled up with straps to open. The doors come with zippers or can be made to overlap with velcro. Click here for more on Shelter Tents.

Cheap Tents

We give discounts depending on your order.

The following sizes are available for our ready made retractable tents.

Our price is the most affordable and  cheapest price on the market.

Go to direct to us!

Retractable Tent Price

2 meters x 2 meters             P 2,250

3 meters x 3 meters             P 2,600

3 meters x 4.5 meters          P 3,400

3 meters x 6 meters             P 4,600

Colors available: Red, Green, Blue

Frames come in Black and Light Blue square tubes (powder coated)

Modular  Tents:

We are a PhilGEPS  platinum member. We have the necessary expertise and 25 years of experience in dealing with municipalities, cities, and other government institutions. We also deal with the Philippine navy, coastguard, and the army. In emergencies, we have also supplied our products swiftly and efficiently in disaster areas.

Tent shelter 3
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Tent shelter 1
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Tent shelter 2
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